COLISIMO collection
Dive into a world full of vibrancy and expressiveness with our COLISIMO collection of jewellery cases in intense shades - pink, purple, and blue! These captivating storage solutions not only excel in functionality but also serve as true eye-catchers that stylishly showcase your precious jewellery pieces. Each case is a statement accessory that underscores your customers' personal style and passion for jewellery. COLISIMO is the perfect choice. Explore this exciting new collection now and be enchanted by the fascinating colors and high-quality leather!

Finest German Draftsmanship

Our SACHER jewellery cases, jewellery boxes, watch boxes are lovingly handmade in our manufactory in Germany with over 170 years of tradition - that means commitment to the highest quality. Through the use of exquisite craftsmanship, sophisticated design and the finest materials from Italy, each SACHER product is truely unique.

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