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SACHER Manufacture | Quality since 1846

The SACHER & Co. GmbH produces fine cardboard boxes and jewellery cases and still cultivates the craftsmanship and traditions that already founded the success of the founder Georg Friedrich Adler in 1846 . That is why our motto to this day is: "For the love of craftsmanship".

This means commitment to the highest quality. Today, two generations of the Sacher family continue the tradition of the manufactory, preserving and perfecting the craft of the case maker.

Exquisite craftsmanship, sophisticated design and the finest materials from all over the world make each SACHER product unique.

We are a certified member of the Association of German Manufactures

The Association of German Manufactures - 'Handmade-in-Germany' represents handcrafted and custom-made products with exceptionally high value and quality, signifying authenticity and luxury in the sense of exclusive products. The Association of German Manufactures – Handmade in Germany is committed to confidently representing this special quality standard of German manufactures.

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Fine German Handmade

Our SACHER products are lovingly made by hand in our manufactory in the Erzgebirge.

The production of our jewelry cases, watch boxes and cases requires the highest craftsmanship, which has developed and perfected over many years. In our manufactory we have been cultivating this craft since 1846 and have constantly developed it further. This knowledge flows into every step of production, which to this day is done exclusively by hand.

The craft of the etui maker

Over 170 years we have perfected the profession of the case maker and today train our qualified finishers ourselves.

The profession of case maker is very rare nowadays. In Germany, the craft has not existed as an apprenticeship since the late 1980s.

The craft of the case maker requires a special skill to produce jewelry boxes, watch boxes and cases of the highest quality. The case maker creates custom and unique solutions by using traditional techniques and craftsmanship and focusing on the finer details. The result is a jewelry storage solution that is functional, aesthetically pleasing, and beautifully displays your treasures.

Tradition and history

Johann Georg Adler founded our fine cardboard company in Buchholz in 1846. Today, we still manufacture in the historically renovated company building of the founder.

In 1846, Johann Georg Adler founded a fine cardboard company in Annaberg, Saxony. Initially, sample cards were produced for the trimmings industry. In the crisis years around 1850, when the domestic trimmings industry suffered heavy losses, the enterprising entrepreneur decided to produce fancy cardboard, which until then had been manufactured exclusively in Paris. Johann Georg Adler did not want to wait for a new boom in the domestic industry and defied many skeptics. His success was such that in his best years he could employ up to 800 workers.

Sacher today

Gerhild Sacher privatized parts of the Adler company in 1991, which had been nationalized in the meantime, and combined tradition and modernity. Since then, the company has been family-owned.

The entrepreneurial spirit of Johann Georg Adler inspired Gerhild Sacher, the founder of the Sacher company, in 1991 when she decided to privatize parts of the former Adler company, which had been nationalized in the meantime, in order to save the tradition of case making from oblivion. Today, two generations of the Sacher family continue the tradition of the manufactory , preserving and perfecting the craft of the case maker. The company Sacher & Co. GmbH has managed to find a balance between tradition and modernity and is now a modern, globally active company that is committed to tradition. The initial number of employees has since doubled and the company Sacher & Co. GmbH is proud of its beautiful historic company building.

Our promise

High quality and durable

Genuine leather

Genuine leather gives our products an elegant look, real durability and protects your jewelry from moisture.

We use genuine leather from Italy for the majority of our products. Genuine leather is durable and long lasting, so it can withstand daily use and handling well. In addition to the elegant and luxurious look of the material, the breathable leather provides a safe place to store your jewelry as moisture is wicked away, preventing it from being damaged.

Este logótipo permite reconhecer os nossos produtos de couro genuíno.

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We produce exquisite jewelry boxes and cases from sustainable materials and solvent-free adhesives to protect jewelry and the environment.

When selecting our materials of European origin, we not only pay attention to the jewelry compatibility of the components, but also to sustainability. For example, we only use cardboard produced on the basis of domestic, sustainable forestry for our raw bodies. This is guaranteed by our suppliers' FSC certificate, which stands for responsible forest management. In an effort to protect not only your jewelry but also our planet, we use only water-soluble adhesives that are free of solvents.

Active corrosion protection

Through intensive research, we have succeeded in developing a new generation of jewelry storage, which actively counteracts the corrosion of your jewelry.

Our active corrosion protection consists of particles that react much earlier than other particles with elements that are present in the atmosphere and cause and promote corrosion of jewelry. Therefore, active corrosion protection is now incorporated into our jewelry storage boxes to help protect your valuable jewelry from corrosion.

Our active corrosion protection is environmentally friendly, RoHS compliant, TRGS 615 and TRGS 900 compliant, recyclable, easy to dispose of and free of off-gassing chemicals.

Este logótipo permite reconhecer os nossos produtos com proteção ativa contra a corrosão.

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